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Monday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9am to 7pm

Entry allowed up to 1h before closing


Rua 4000, 133 / Barra Sul - Balneário Camboriú / SC

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Species from around the world

About oceanic aquarium

We are the best aquarium in the south of Brazil!

The Oceanic Aquarium has around 140 species of animals from around the world, set in 30 habitats specially designed to meet the needs of animals. The aquarium route was designed so that the visitor can get to know the different species according to the path that the water takes, from the melting of the mountains, passing through rivers and lakes, until it flows into the seas!

O Caminho das Águas

Our Water Analysis Department has a well-structured and equipped laboratory, and an Oceanographer, responsible for evaluating the physical, chemical and biological parameters of the water.

Animal welfare

Nutrition is one of the bases that guarantee animal welfare. That's why we have professionals in the areas of Biology and Animal Science evaluating the behavior, anatomy and nutritional requirements of each animal.

All care is little

Understand how we take care of our animals.

The Oceanic Aquarium aims to protect and ensure the preservation of species. We have a highly equipped extra sector for the rehabilitation and treatment of fish, reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians.


Most loved animals by the public

Meet our top stars!

Here the fun is guaranteed! Come visit the Oceanic Aquarium and meet our stars: Shark and Sharkira (Sharks Mangona), Gean Miguel and Carlos Daniel (Otters), Ursula (Octopus) and the Úrsula Penguins.

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Discover the habitats that make up our Aquarium

Our backstage