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Privacy Policy

Our commitment to protecting your privacy and ensuring your rights!
Oceanic Aquarium cares about the personal data provided and used on our platforms so that you can enjoy the experience we provide. Find out a little more about what we do for your safety:
You may have heard of the acronym GDPR, but you may not know what it stands for. So, before we continue, we need to clarify some questions so that we can talk calmly.
LGPD is the acronym for General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, identified as Law No. 13,709/2018, which aims to protect your personal data. Its relevance is directly linked to the need to take care of personal information that is passed on daily and can cause some kind of damage when misused.
As we care about you and want to provide the best possible experience for our customers, employees and partners, we are attentive to the way in which your data is handled.
That's why we created this newsletter to make you feel safer and more aware of what we do and what we deal with so that we can check the excellence we value for the proper functioning of our attractions.
Your data in our attractions:
We are glad to have you with us. By registering on our site and purchasing tickets, you provide information and generate a user on this site that allows you to be identified in all our attractions, namely: Oceanic Aquarium and Classic Car Show.
Why do we need your data?
Your data is necessary for us, as it is from them that we are able to offer a personalized experience so that you can enjoy our services and enjoy our attractions. By providing your data, we can develop and improve new services, publish advertisements and promotions that may interest you, contact you, prevent fraud, ensure greater security in our ecosystem, protect yours and our rights, in addition to comply with legal obligations and requirements requested by competent authorities.
What data do we collect?
In general, we collect your data automatically, when you access our website, and when you register or provide information on our online platform. When accessing our website, your IP, cookies and information about your location are collected. When you choose to purchase tickets online to visit one of our attractions, we collect your full name, email, CPF, cell phone, date of birth, zip code, as well as your credit card details that are necessary for you to make the virtual payment.
How do we share your data?
Oceanic Aquarium does not sell or share data that can identify you. Your personal information is not passed on to third parties, except in cases where it is necessary to transfer it to our service providers, business partners, companies in the same group, competent authorities, among others, for a legitimate purpose and need. When carrying out this transfer, we always observe compliance with legislation on our part and by those who receive your data so that we can ensure the security and privacy that you are entitled to.
What are your rights?
As the holder of your personal data, you can access them, request correction and updating and, among other options, request their deletion. In cases of deletion, however, we make you aware that we may need to store some of the information you requested to be deleted. This is because, as you can imagine, some data is essential for the fulfillment of legal obligations. Rest assured, when the legal storage period ends, we will proceed with the deletion of your personal data.
Help us take care of your privacy and the protection of your personal data:
In order for us to ensure your protection even more, in addition to our daily efforts, you, as the holder of your personal data, must also take care of your privacy and be aware of the information you provide to third parties on a daily basis. Remember: your data is very important!
Changes to the privacy statement
In advance, we inform you that any changes in the way we collect and process your data will be informed by means of an update in our Privacy and Protection of Personal Data Statement or other usual means, for example, via email. In cases where your consent is essential, we will request your analysis, with your acceptance or not being allowed. In situations where your consent is essential and you choose not to provide it, we inform you that our relationship may be compromised, which may make it impossible for us to provide our services.
Have a question or want to talk to us about your data?
It will be a pleasure to talk to you and understand how we can improve our relationship!
Contact can be made by e-mail: data@oceanicaquarium.com.br
See our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Statement below:
Law No. 13,709/2018, known as the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data - LGPD, is the Brazilian rule that regulates the activities of processing personal data, based on principles such as respect for privacy, establishing conditions for that the collection and processing of personal data can be carried out, as well as stipulating sanctions and cases of non-compliance.
The purpose of this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Statement is to ensure and demonstrate our commitment to your security and privacy, as we value the importance of protecting the information of our customers, partners and employees in all spheres.
Please be aware, for example, that when you buy a ticket on our website, the data you provide will be processed for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations in the delivery of the service and forwarding information of interest to you. Also, when you access our site, please be aware that we use cookies to scale and improve your experience with us.
Therefore, this Statement of Privacy and Protection of Personal Data will describe the specifics and procedures through which your data goes through when it is collected and reported on our website so that we can offer our services and provide a satisfactory experience to everyone. Reading, therefore, must be carried out carefully.
2.1 We will bring below the main definitions that will help you to read this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Declaration, which were removed from the legislation analyzed herein:
2.1.1 Holder: natural person to whom the personal data that are the object of treatment refer.
2.1.2 Personal Data: information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. As an example: name, CPF, RG, date of birth, address, e-mail, telephone, bank details, geolocation data, among others.
2.1.3 Sensitive Personal Data: personal data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a trade union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person.
2.1.4 Treatment: any operation carried out with personal data, such as those referring to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information , modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.
2.1.5 Consent: free, informed and unequivocal expression by which the holder agrees to the processing of his personal data for a specific purpose.
2.1.6 Purpose: carrying out the processing for legitimate, specific, explicit and informed purposes to the holder, without the possibility of further processing in a way that is incompatible with these purposes.
2.1.7 Legal Basis: cases provided for by law that authorize the processing of personal data.
2.1.8 National Authority: public administration body responsible for overseeing, implementing and monitoring compliance with the General Law on Personal Data Protection throughout the national territory.
3.1 Personal registration data: Oceanic Atrativos Turísticos S.A. receives or otherwise collects the following information from holders who register on this platform (site): Name; CPF; Birth date; Cell phone; ZIP CODE; Email; credit card data;
3.2 Device data: We may occasionally collect information and data about devices such as IP, date and time of access, and how you accessed and used our website.
4.1 Your name, CPF, date of birth, cell phone, zip code, e-mail and credit card details are necessary for us to enable you to access our services, link the tickets purchased, charge, process the payment, issue tax documents, which are used internally by our commercial, financial and logistics sector, observing the legal basis for the execution of the contract throughout the treatment.
4.2 Your device data is collected and processed in order to capture user browsing information from our platforms and to be able to direct your experience according to your interest, observing the legal basis of legitimate interest.
5.1 Your data may be shared with third parties in cases where such sharing is essential for us to perform the services you are contracting for. Bear in mind, from now on, that when using our platform it is possible that your data will be transferred to another country in which our partners have their databases installed. In any case, if your personal data is indeed transferred, we will adopt the necessary technical, administrative and organizational measures to ensure that it remains protected, always following the minimum security requirements.
5.2 We will share your personal registration data with other ventures in our group, such as the Classic Car Show.
5.3 We will share your personal registration data with third parties who provide services to us, such as our IT technicians or the platform support for purchases made by our customers.
5.4 We will share your personal payment data with the platform responsible for collecting amounts on the tickets you purchase with us.
5.5 We will share your personal registration data and device information with judicial authorities or any others to whom we are required by law to provide such information.
6.1 Your rights in relation to your personal data are expressly provided for in the General Data Protection Law and, upon request, include: The possibility of confirming the processing of personal data; a) Access to your personal data; b) The correction of personal data that is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date; c) Blocking, anonymization or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or processed data in violation of the law; d) Data portability, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, observing commercial and industrial secrets; e) The deletion of personal data processed with your consent, as well as the revocation of consent and the possibility of not providing consent and what would be the negative consequences of such an act; and f) Information about public and private entities with which we share data.
6.2 You can exercise the rights described above by sending an email to data@oceanicaquarium.com.br.
6.3 We inform you that some information may be requested so that we can confirm your identity.
7.1 Our services are only available to those who have the legal capacity to contract in accordance with applicable regulations. Therefore, if you do not comply with this condition, you must not provide your information and personal data on our platforms.
8.1 The way we handle and protect your data is very important to us. Therefore, our system has technical and administrative practices to protect your data from unauthorized access, attempts at destruction, alteration, loss or any other form of illicit treatment or treatment that is not consistent with the legal precepts and purposes for which your information is intended. .
8.2 If you access another website or platform with third-party services, please be aware that our policy does not apply to such channels. Always pay attention to reading the privacy policy of the environment in which you are browsing and accessing. We are not responsible for third-party content and mechanisms.
8.3 Also know that the internet and digital platforms are never a 100% (one hundred percent) secure environment. If you have any suspicion that your data is being used in a different way that you deem relevant or that there has been some type of leak, we ask that you IMMEDIATELY contact us so that we can verify the situation.
9.1 It is possible that this Declaration may undergo changes in order to preserve and ensure its purpose, which is to protect your personal data and inform you of our conduct for this purpose.
9.2 In cases where there is an update, it will be published in this environment so that you can consult it, thus remaining valid, effective and binding. In addition, we are available for any questions or clarifications that may be necessary.
9.3 We will contact you when your consent is required due to an update arising from this statement.
10.1 When using our channels and services, the user is aware that we may use a behavior monitoring system through the use of 'cookies', 'web beacons' and/or other similar monitoring technologies .
10.2 The above mechanisms consist of small data storage units stored on your computer's hard drive through your browser or computer by websites you visit. Its function is to allow a digital platform to memorize, for example, information about users' visits, preferred language, their location and the recurrence of sessions, serving as mechanisms to support the performance, functionality and efficiency of our platforms, in addition to enable a personalized login experience and provide information to site owners.
10.3 Such features do not contain specific personal information such as sensitive personal or banking data.
10.4 Cookies can be disabled through the 'Help' or 'Cookie Management' section of your browser of choice, but in such cases, please be aware that your experience with us may be compromised and you may experience difficulties in fully utilizing our platforms.
11.1 The CONTROLLER of personal data for the purposes for which this Declaration of Privacy and Protection of Personal Data is intended is OCEANIC ATRATIVOS TURÍSTICOS S.A., a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ under No. 31.071.677/0001 -44, located at Rua 4000, n.º 133, Centro, in the city of Balneário Camboriú/SC, CEP 88.330-180.
12.1 We provide an accessible and free communication channel for you to contact us. Such act can be carried out through the e-mail data@oceanicaquarium.com.br.
12.2 The necessary measures and/or responses will be taken within a period consistent with the provisions of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data – LGPD.
13.1 This Statement of Privacy and Protection of Personal Data was updated on 08/01/2021 and is valid for an indefinite period.