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The presence of animals, regardless of their origin (whether they were rescued, born there, sent from other institutions or from fishing resources), makes it possible to enchant people and connect them to environmental causes in a much more interactive way, since this involvement occurs during leisure time. In addition, through the creation of connecting experiences and educational practices aimed at raising awareness among visitors, these institutions are able to encourage the conservation of natural environments and wildlife! However, for there to be positive community involvement, in addition to developing efficient environmental education programs, zoos and aquariums must be committed to ensuring the well-being of animals, providing environments and care that actually meet the physical and mental needs of animals. same.

Institutions that value the high degree of animal welfare, such as the Oceanic Aquarium, have activities and routines specifically aimed at promoting animal welfare and, to build them, take into account the so-called “Five Domain Model”. This model has four physical domains (“nutrition”, “environment”, “physical health” and “behavior”), and the fifth domain, which is the “mental” state of the animal.

Here at Oceanic Aquarium, we have departments operating in each of the Five Domains, as we value the quality of life of the animals kept in our care! Below, you can learn a little more about the activities of each of these departments… and meet some of our professionals!

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