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Department of Environmental Education

Here at Oceanic Aquarium, we believe that by offering our visitors a meaningful experience of connecting with aquatic biodiversity, we can help create and strengthen people's bonds with nature, as well as promote reflection on the importance of the animals we shelter, and transform attitudes so that everyone can engage in favor of species conservation.

That's why, in 2020, the Department of Environmental Education was created, whose purpose is to produce and promote educational actions, materials and programs, both in face-to-face and virtual formats, for a wide variety of audiences.

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Mission of the Department of Environmental Education

Create experiences that awaken values and dreams about biodiversity, especially aquatic, through activities education based on scientific and cultural knowledge, that sensitize and engage different audiences in actions for the nature conservation.

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Vision of the Department of Environmental Education

To become a reference in conservation education in the context of the community of zoos, aquariums and other non-formal educational spaces, nationally and internationally.

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Educational Mediation Program for Spontaneous Public:

This program aims to enrich the experience of visitors inside the Oceanic Aquarium (whether they are from the city of Balneário Camboriú or tourists from all over the world!), making the traditional visit more interesting and educational.

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Drops Make an Ocean
Educational Visits Program for Basic Education and Higher Education:

This program offers several options for guided educational visits, with thematic pedagogical itineraries, which include students of all school levels.

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Non-Curricular Internship Program in Environmental Education:

This program aims to contribute to the training of academics from various courses, offering the possibility of working as interns in the area of Environmental Education. To participate, send an email to: educativo@oceanicaquarium.com.br.

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Continuing Education Program for Environmental Educators and Mediators

This program guides and promotes the permanent training of the team's own educators.

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Educommunication Program:

Within this program, there is the joint creation of educational content and materials that facilitate communication with the visitor, both in physical format (such as books, magazines, games, manuals, guides, information boards, exhibition and visual communication devices) and online. (such as videos and texts for online platforms or social media). The program is the result of a partnership between the Education and Marketing teams, with the involvement of several other Oceanic teams.

We also want to create, later on, programs aimed at various other audiences. After all, our goal is to connect many people, of all ages and backgrounds, with the species in our care!

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